Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year

Welcome to our blog!!! We thought we'd start out the new year with a blog as a way to stay in touch and keep our family and friends updated. Our goal is to update it weekly, but as life takes over, it may not be as often!

We had a great holiday season starting with Thanksgiving up in the Anchorage/Palmer area to visit all the new babies that joined our family this year! Hilary's younger brother (Fred) and wife (Allison) had a baby girl, Ella, at the end of May and Hilary's older brother (Bud) and wife (Nancy) had twins, Frankie and Sullivan, the beginning of September. We all had a great time holding babies and even had a chance to visit the indoor water park up in Anchorage wiht Uncle Bud and Aunt Nancy (too bad the twins were just a bit too young to join us - but they wil be out there with us soon!).

We spent Christmas in Sitka with Grandma Ruth, Aunt Kathy, cousins Travis, Jessica & Jessica's fiance Jack, and second cousin Shawn. It was a nice mellow Sitka Christmas.

Devyn celbrated her 13th birthday on December 30th! Her dinner of choice was steamed clams and barbequed ribs - her wish was our command! It's hard to believe we have a teenage girl in the house now - We are not ready for this!

For New Years Eve we had a fun family night and played games. Morgan did not want to take a nap during the day, and did very well trying to stay up until midnight, but at 11:45 she told Grandma Chris that she was going to bed, and promptly took off her glasses and went to bed. Mom and dad missed this announcement, but found her in her bed before she had completely fallen asleep. We got Morgan up and outside for the ringning in of the New Year with sparklers. Morgan's mom was not thinking when she handed out the sparklers to Morgan in her fleece gloves - yikes! The sparklers melted through the gloves and leve two nice second degree burns on her hand - yes, lesson learned by all!

So we are back in the groove of work and school. Morgan has started swimming lessons and is loving it! It is snowing like crazy today, so the girls are having a blast outside!

Take care!
Hilary, Kevin, Devyn & Morgan


Dan said...

Hey, that's really neat!

Juneau Poole Party said...

Thanks Dan - Happy New Year1

Dan said...

You too. We've kept a low profile over the last couple of months. Nana's getting a new transmission. I've been away from work and will probably be retiring