Saturday, March 1, 2008

Catch Up

Sorry it's been so long! We have been busy! Not with anything that is ultra exciting, just general life stuff.

We got a Wii, and we are ALL loving it! Morgan is pretty good, and has beat her sister twice in boxing! Hilary beat Kevin in their first boxing match, but Kevin had to have a rematch and one - so it's a tie, for now!

Last week the girls only had one day of school. We had conferences with their teachers. Both are doing great! Devyn's teacher just raves about how nice she is, and gets along so well with EVERYONE - he says there isn't anyone in class she doesn't get along with! I am so amazed at how far Devyn has progressed with her writing! It was definitely a weak spot, and now she is really blossoming! Morgan's teacher is just amazing, and since Morgan has met all of her core requirements for kindergarten, she is giving her first grade work - which is keeping Mo interested and loving school. In fact, Morgan told me just this morning that she LOVED her teacher! And so lucky for us, it is a looping class, so Morgan will get to stay with that same teacher, they will all just be first graders.

We will try to be better at posting!

Hugs to all!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear how well the girls are doing in school. CONGRATULATIONS DEVYN on your writing!!! I am sooo proud of you!!! And we all know your children get along with almost anyone so that comes with no surprise. I miss you all and keep up the good work girls!!
Love your cousin Jess