Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Feast of Kings!

The first king crabs of the season arrived at the harbor Saturday! Grandma Chris called on Friday to make sure we knew the crabs would be arriving. This is the second year that personal use has been closed for kings, so I went down early to make sure we could get us some crab! It has been about three years since we've indulged so it was high time for this treat! It was beautiful day, not a breath of wind, so it was a nice walk down on the docks, and it was nice while we cooked outside!


Anonymous said...

The crab looks great.Hilary you did not get your picture taken. Hope your birthday dinner was great. My book has you born on 3/5/??. Happy Birthday! The girls look older.Ask Morgan if she has Papa telephone # in her cell phone.
Love Tim and CArole

Juneau Poole Party said...

I don't play with my food!