Wednesday, September 3, 2008

....... and we're back

I know my blogging has been serious lacking, but here we go for a try!

We had a fabulous summer - with a 3-week vacation to Washington to visit Kevin's family. It was so amazing to be able to spend so much time in one shot with family - we truly had a blast! We celebrated Nanna Poole's 100th birthday - amazing!

Juneau has had a miserable summer - not one dry day the month of July - and MAYBE one day in August up to 70 - and one other day in the 60s - so sad! We have been enjoying the weather - we've been out fishing and playing anyway!

We ended the summer with a camp out with the Loree family at a local campground. The guys had to work, but came out Saturday and Sunday night for dinner. We had fun - Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, but Saturday night got cold, and about 3:00 a.m. Morgan asked if she could get into my sleeping bag, I said, "yes, please!" and my heater kept me warm! Sunday was a nice day, and Sunday night was warmer, but it rained just in time to take down camp. Kevin was great and did some amazing tarp engineering to help protect us!

School started 9/2. Morgan is in the same class as last year, and in first grade - and loving learning! Devyn is an 8th grader now, and is still undecided about her feelings for the school year, but I'm sure she'll settle in!

So here's to blogging on a more regular basis!


Juneau Poole Party!

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