Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday, September 6 - last day of summer

What an amazing day! It got up to 72! I got the tarps and tent hung out to finish drying from the camping trip the weekend before - I'm sure the neighbors who are trying to sell their house and having an open house loved the Clampetts next door.

Morgan enjoyed being outside in her swimsuit!

Angy called to see if we wanted to fishing, so we loaded up the kids and headed out for an evening of fishing out at Amalga Harbor. We had a great time fishing, but no catching. The kids had a blast playing on the beach.

After fishing we decided we'd stop by Lena Beach and make some s'mores. As luck would have it, someone had left a fire going in a pit, so we didn't even have to build our own forward. Of course we paid it forward .... when we were really to go, another party pulled up and didn't have a hatchet to make kindling, so we gave them our spot.

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