Friday, September 5, 2008

Life in a small town

Pros ........
So today, Morgan's bus driver missed her stop, and dropped her off about 1/4 quarter mile away from our street, on the busy, curvy main road called Back Loop Road (45 mph road!) - on the wrong side of the street! Lucky for us, a good friend saw this and turned around to go and rescue her - but not before she was trying to cross the street! OMG! Grandma Carole - we need you to come and drive bus #27 - seriously - both girls ride on that bus to their different schools!

I love the fact that living in a small community we have eyes to watch each others kids! One time when Devyn was in second grade she had missed the bus, and another mom saw her waiting at the bus stop and from the time she could tell Devyn had missed the bus, so she stopped and gave her a ride to school. I was home and very sick, so Devyn greatly accepted the ride - bless her heart, she didn't want to bother me - so sweet.

Having all these eyes is a great enforcement tool - my kids never know who is watching them and reporting back - and they've been caught in the act before - yes, my angels!

Morgan got her lunchbox at Costco, along with EVERYONE else! So of course today, the 4th day of school it has gone missing - I went down to check the lost and found at school, so hopefully someone will notice her name on the inside and out (I tried to iron on patches to make it unique, but they wouldn't stick!) and return it to its rightful owner.

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