Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sometimes the star align .......

and people come and take both of your children away! While on a quick trip to the store and then the harbor to gather supplies for shrimp tacos, Devyn got a babysitting gig and Mo got an invite to movies with her BFF! Leave Kevin in charge for 15 minutes and he's pawned them off!!!! So we are going to enjoy a nice quiet shrimp taco dinner without the children!

This morning the girls and I went over to the Loree's house for some Halloween tie-dying. It was such a blast. We had a breakfast buffet before we started, because creative juices flow better on a full stomache! Of course no pictures were taken of the actual tie-dying (hands very busy), but I will post the fabulous creations when they have been rinsed and washed! My family will be quite proud of the fact that we all wore gloves, and my hands won't be stained for MONTHS!!!!!

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