Friday, October 16, 2009

Stomach Bug Ruins Challenge

First I was struck by the stomach bug, and now Morgan! It is horrible! We have both recuperated (Morgan threw up 8 times in 4 1/2 hours - thankfully hitting a bowl all 8 times!). I let Morgan lay in our bed to watch TV, and Kevin was mortified! I told him he could go stay in a hotel, but he was afraid that he might not ever want to come back. So after Mo was feeling a bit better I kicked her out and stripped the bed. I have also gone over all surfaces several times with disinfecting wipes, in hopes of sparing Kevin & Devyn what we have been through!

So I will start tomorrow (Saturday) with my new challenge. My sister-in-law explained on her blog that it takes 40 days to form a habit, so I will now do the 40-day challenge, starting tomorrow!

Also, take a look at the Loree's Family Blog (to the right) and you can see their marvelous creations from our tie-dye fest.

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